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Here we go: 50 are cut down to 24 (Thank you God!!!)


Pop-Rock Candy:Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself

1: Carly Smithson: The luck of the Irish. She probably won’t last more than three weeks when the voting starts, but she’s on to the next level.

2: David Cook? What?!

3: Amanda Overmyer: The rocker’s going on. She should make it until the top 10 begins.

4: David Archuleta: The 16 year old goes forward. He seems sweet. I’m happy for him.

5: Kristy Lee Cook: She’s in. She may make it to the top 10….maybe. She’s one of my favorites.

6: Brooke White: I like her as well, but I doubt that she goes too far. I hope I’m wrong.

7: Danny Noriega: Doubtful to go too far, but girls love him.

8: Jason Castro: I have no idea who this is

9: Luke Menard: nor this cat

10: Alexander Lushington: nor her

11: Ramiele Malubay: I don’t expect her to go too far….prove me wrong.

Drew Poppelreiter of Saltillo did not make it.

12: Michael Johns: The Aussie is going and he is one of my picks to win.

13: Syesha Mercado: She is another of my picks to win.

14: Robbie Carrico: Eh, I’m not so sure about him.

15: Garrett Haley:

16: Kady Malloy

17: Chikezie Eze: Easy Chikieze!

18: Amy Davis

19: Alaina Whitaker

20: Jason Yeager

21: Asia’H Epperson: She should make it to the Top 10..we’ll see

22: David Hernandez: I doubt that he will go very far. Simon thinks the same.

23: Colton Berry: He will probably be gone within the next five shows. (Simon wanted Kyle Ensley to go to the next round, who was sitting with Colton when the decision was handed down)

24: Cardin Lee McKinney or Joanne Borgella? The final contestant is Joanne! Awesome!

Thank God this part of American Idol is over.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain does hereby challenge Sheena’s Scene Now to an old fashioned American Idol dance off. The rules are simple: Each week, both blogs will predict who is going to get voted-off all the way down to who each blog thinks will win. Winner buys the loser a Coke.

Here’s The Raspberries:


Everything everybody should be taking about on Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself

  • New Indiana Jones Trailer: It should be on the web after nine AM. It will be shown during Good Morning America on ABC. But hey, I’m a Today kind of guy.
  • New Star Wars: Ok, so, it’s animated, but it’s coming to theaters this summer and then, new episodes will appear on Cartoon Network. New Indie and Star Wars? (my head just exploded.) Take a sneak peek at the Official Star Wars Site.
  • Steven Spielberg: Keeping on with my Indie/Star Wars obsession, Steven Spielberg has backed out of participating in the Beijing Olympics as an artistic director due to China’s policy on Darfur.
  • Spectacular Spider-Man: I promise–it’s not Fanboy day here at PRCM. However, the CW will begin airing Spectacular Spider-Man in March as part of its Saturday morning line-up. It follows the adventures of a 16 year old Peter Parker/Spider-Man. No word yet if Spidey will battle such teen issues as puberty, peer pressure or teenage depression.
  • King Dork: Frank Portman’s brilliant novel of teen angst and alienation is now available in paperback. Get one here. This is one of the best and most hilarious books I have ever read. I mean, for real.
  • Big Brother 9: Man, I tried to watch this nonsense, but I just couldn’t get down with it. Anyway, host Julie Chen welcomes back the same gang of sex-starved nihilists and narcicists that you would expect from this show. I think they all live in the same house and the last one to catch the VD gets a prize.
  • Radiohead: Tickets for the Atlanta show go on sale tomorrow. Great. Like I don’t have enough things to be stressed-out and depressed over on Valentine’s Day. Now, I have to try (or not) to get tickets for a concert that’s not until like May or something. Dang. I already feel like a loser on Valentine’s Day–I don’t need the added pressure.
  • The Hobbit: After all of the ruckus between Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema, it looks like The Hobbit could be in danger of being halted. The family of JRR Tolkien and his original publisher, HarperCollins, have engaged in a lawsuit against New Line Cinema, which could stop The Hobbit from being completed. (Fanboys across the world just died a little bit on the inside)
  • Steve Gerber: The creator of Howard The Duck died at age 60 on Tuesday. Gerber wrote some of my favorite comics growing up, including the 1970s KISS series for Marvel that was written with KISS blood in the ink. (Fanboys continue to die inside across the globe)
  • NASCAR: Drivers Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart were suspended for six races for alleged poor sportsmanship. And this was just a PRACTICE or qualifying race. Dang.
  • Cosby Show Reunion: It happened Tuesday on Oprah–without Lisa Bonet….of course. Why y’all still hating on her? Angel Heart was like 100 years ago.
  • Pat Benatar: My sister says she’s appearing on the Young And The Restless on Thursday and Friday. And my sister knows her Young And The Restless. (I checked. It’s happening)
  • Jericho: It came back for its second season last night, and it was good. But it was different…
  • Kevin Waide Project: They will be appearing on Saturday Morning With Kay Bain. Check them out–Kevin’s a great guitar player and Skip Oliver is an awesome harmonica player. Plus, he’s just a great guy–love me some Skip Oliver.
  • Julee Brown: While we’re on the subject of WTVA, which I love (obviously), I was a bit upset about the demise of the Mornin’ Show–but I’m over it. I heart Julee Brown on AM Live. She is just super awesome. No one (well, not me) likes to be up that early in the morning, but she makes it seem like the day is going to be ok. According to her bio, she is a motivational speaker, so that makes sense.
  • Tupelo-Lee Humane Society Valentine’s Day Special: The big day is tomorrow. Get your special friend a pet today.
  • Sabrina McLarty: The 22 year old film maker from Saltillo will be the subject of a Valentine’s Day interview with PRCM. Look for it tomorrow.
  • Mississippi Mudcats: William Stewart and Antonio Peoples have been resigned for the upcoming season, which rocks. The Mudcats also have a great promotion to help the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society. More Mudcat information can be found here.
  • The WGA Strike: The good news is: It’s over and new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl, Lost and Smallville will be airing in April/May. The bad news? 24 is out until January 2009. Dang. Check out your favorite show’s expected return here.
  • Dick Rice: Tuesday was a severe weather day, so there were no Dick Rice sightings. But, today’s a new day.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself


Finally, American Idol lands in Hollywood. 164 contestants to audition.

Brooke White: Singing and playing Beautiful. Absolutely wonderful. “I really liked you. I like this Carly Simon-Carole King thing you have going,” said Simon. She goes to the next round.

Lorena Pinot: “It was a bit uncomfortable to watch–it’s like when your mom gets drunk and starts dancing,” said Simon.

Amy Flynn: No in the first round (She’s the abstanance girl).
Leo Marlowe: “You just went from memorable to forgetable,” said Simon.

Alisha Dixon:”It was a bit like a little angry girl banging away on the guitar in her bedroom,” said Simon.

Michael Sanfliipo: “I don’t think the guitar did you any favors–at all. It just sounded dreadful when you strumming away on it,” Simon stated.

Alyssa Coco: I can’t hear anymore of that. I would take a big ax to that (piano),” said Simon.
Shaun Barrows: That was more a bout you bashing away on the keyboards. Don’t do that again,” said Simon.

Jake Mellema: Playing the drums and singing. “Gosh, gosh, gosh. It was a horrible, horrible song choice (Hooked on a Feeling); it was a horrible, horrible presentation–there was absolutely nothing redeeming about excpet for the fact that we stopped it early. That was a ridiculous idea,” said Simon.

David Hernandez: Singing a torch version of Love The One You’re With. It seems like cruise-ship singing to me. Simon says:“I though it was great, David–one of the best we’ve heard today.”

Yes-Go through to the end of the week. No: You get a second chance

Amanda Overmyer: Singing The Doors Light My Fire. I like her much better this week. Good song choice. “I’m glad you’re here.I think you need to learn to change your voice a little bit or it’s going to become monotonous,” said Simon.
Buck Smith forgot his lyrics, as did Cardin Lee McKinney and Natasha Blach.

Ghaleb Emachah: Singing Bryan Adams. “It sounded like a waiter picking up a guitar and murdering Bryan Adams. It was incredibly corny,” said Simon.

54 Nos on day one. They will get another shot.

Josiah Lemming: Singing what seems like British cabaret. Paula loves him, as does Randy. “Out of all of the auditions, this is the one that I’m going to remember,” said Simon. See kids, quitting school and running away from home does pay off—or does it?

Danny Noriega: What’s up with everyone singing Leo Sayer? Carly Smithson sang “When I need You” as well.

David Cook: Boring. “I wasn’t crazy about it,” said Simon. “Only my opinion. I’m going to say no.”

Kyle Ensley: The Politician. Singing some Edison Lighthouse. “It was abysmal,” Simon said and walked off stage. Of course, Ensley was the last contestant. (Simon later apologized)

The First Cut: 116 are on the block.

Amy Flynn 2: Singing Love Will Bring You Back, which was not enough to bring her back for another round.

4 of 40 have made it through. Wow!

Kristy Lee Cook/Jeffrey Lampkin Updates (Two of My Favorites): Going through!!

Angela Martin: She just lost her father–who was going to go to Hollywood with her: No dice—bless her heart.

Final Day: This is the cut makes 50, which will be cut to 24

David Archuleta: Randy loves him–“That was the bomb!” Simon and Paula liked him, too. He’s on to the competition.

Kyle Ensley 2: “That was actually really good,” said Randy. Simon liked him this time, as did Paula. He’s off.

Jeffrey Lampkin 2: Nope.

Joey Catalano: Nope.

Syesha Mercado: Singing with a sore throat–she’s wailing on Aretha. She’s on to the big show. He’s on the next round.

Carly Smithson:That was a good song (Alone by Heart),” said Simon. She’s on her way…

Asia’h Epperson: She’s amazing–brilliant. “I love that–I think you’re terrific,”said Simon. Yes, for her.

Brooke Helvie: The Beauty Queen. Simon likes her. Randy doesn’t. Paula says:no. Simon is out-voted. Wow…

Josiah Lemming: Singing Stand By Me. I think that it’s terrible. “That was not good,” said Randy. “I didn’t get that one.” He’s going to the next level.

Where is Saltillo boy?

Here is a clip of what you didn’t get to see in Hollywood:

Everything everybody should be taking about on Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself


  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller: It’s been 25 years since one of the most important albums of my life was released and to mark the anniversary, Thriller is being re-released, complete with remixes from Akon, Kanye West, Fergie and Will.I.Am. Stay away from the remixes, as they are terrible. However, Thriller sounds like a breath of fresh air. This was (is) a record that changed a generation–my generation, as were Guns N Roses’ Appetite For Destruction and Nirvana’s Nevermind. This album makes me happy on many levels; it’s also nice to remember Michael Jackson before his breakdown. It’s hard not to shed a tear as I listen to it…again, for the first time. (Look for a full review later today!)
  • Jericho (CBS): It’s back…finally!!
  • American Idol (FOX): The Hollywood round starts tonight. Cool. Now, I can see Whatshername and Who’sthat.
  • Gossip Girl (CW): It’s a youthful version of Dynasty, or as I like to call it, high school.
  • Delois Price: The mascot for Carl Hogan’s car commercials has gotten a haircut. Awesome-that gives me something to concentrate on other than the blatant racism of Peso Little. See her fake Facebook page here.
  • New On DVD: Dallas Season Eight (I super heart Lucy) drops today, which is really exciting, as does Season Three of Family Ties (I super heart Mallory). Oh yeah, so does We Own The Night and Becoming Jane. For a complete list, go here.
  • Polaroid Cameras: According to Whitney at Pop Candy, Polaroid is going to stop making disposable film. Dang. Now what are perverts going to take pictures with? Oh yeah, camera phones.
  • Tupelo Young Professionals: They will be holding a benefit for the American Red Cross On February 26 at The Bistro on Main, beginning at 5 p.m. Go and mingle and help the people affected in North Mississippi by the recent tornadoes.
  • Save Friday Night Lights: Well, since none of you watched it, the least you can do is help save my favorite show. What if I don’t get to find out if Tyra and Landry stay together? Will Tim Riggins go to college? Help a brother out!
  • Haley Barbour for Vice President: According to the Governor, eh, not so much. Plus, has only 148 signatures. They are looking to get 50,000.
  • J.J. Abrams: The Office episode he directed, Cocktails, airs tonight on TBS. It’s the one where Dwight asks the tough question: “Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?”
  • Missisppii Artists In SXSW: SXSW (South By Southwest), the largest film and music conference in the nation, will see several artists from Mississippi heading to Austin, Texas for the event. According to the official website, Jackson rapper David Banner, Indie rockers Colour Revolt and soul band Wiley and the Checkmates, both of Oxford, will be heading West. Columbus native and Mississippi fiddler Ruby Jane (Smith) will also be participating, as will Tupelo’s Paul Thorn. Look for more updates, profiles and interviews in the weeks to come.
  • Barack Obama: With big wins over the weekend, he’s keeps swining. Like Kool Moe Dee once said...”Comin’ back like Return of the Jedi…How ya like me now?”
  • Dick Rice: No Dick Rice sightings on Monday. Here’s Paul Thorn (check out his Mile-High-Five Club on the right column) and his daughter, Kit, performing in Memphis. If this don’t make you break out into the turkey skin, well, you probably do not have two ears and a heart.




Tupelo native Paul Thorn returns to town Thursday night with a show at the Lyric Theater. His new video, A Long Way From Tupelo, is currently playing on GAC and a limited edition of his new album of the same name will be available at the show. Fore more information, go to

1. First, I have to say, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I try keep it down to one heaping bowl full a week since it’s full of saturated fats and I’m a 43 year old trying to keep up the image of a front man. BUT, sometimes I’m weak and I backslide.
2. My Six Million Dollar Man Pinball machine. I finally got it fixed and have been playing it a lot. My 4 year old is learning how to play it so we get to play it together.
3. Saturday mornings, I get up and watch Kay Bain. I’ve been a loyal WTVA viewer for many years but I get a little upset because they’ve cut Kay down to just being on once a week. I love Kay Bain. You know, my coffee just tastes better with Kay Bain.
4. I’ve recently thrown out my old socks. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a 12-pack of brand new white socks. I got them all for about eight bucks so I’ve been really happy about that.
5. My 14 year old daughter, Kit, has become a facination. I’ve always been all about my daughter but now she’s coming out with this Aretha Franklin style, powerful voice and I’ve just been amazed. I love listening to her sing.

Note: The Mile-High-Five-Club with Paul Thorn will be featured on the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain all week.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!

All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


  • David Copperfield: The magical magician is coming to the Orpheum in Memphis on the 24th. Ladies in the first ten rows are encouraged to watch for the “disappearing panties routine” and are advised to stay away from the “after-show party” backstage.
  • jaws1.jpgRoy Scheider: The actor died Sunday at the age of 75. Scheider was best known for his role as Chief Martin Brody in Jaws.
  • Saturday Morning With Kay Bain:k_bain.jpg This week, we saw Paul Thorn’s new video, to which Kay responded, “That was a good video, Paul.” Also, Tony sang Angel Eyes and the band played George Strait’s Mornin’ Show staple, You Look So Good In Love. And, lots of churches are having shindigs and many people are celebrating their 80th birthdays.
  • pthorn1.jpgPaul Thorn: His new video, A Long Way From Tupelo, debuted on GAC and Kay Bain this week. Thorn, who will be playing a show at the Lyric Theater in Tupelo on Valentine’s Day and at the WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham the following night, said the song is about “fornicating in the backseat of a car.” The video was put together by Ann Palmer of Tupelo. Look for Paul Thorn to get a HIGH-FIVE later this week and catch him on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on March 19.
  • French-Pressed Coffee:fpress.jpg Buy a French Press and a coffee grinder and say hello to the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. For real…trust me on this. Throw your Grannie’s Mr. Coffee machine out the window…
  • African American Lives (PBS): The first two episodes of the second season are amazing. Watch to see some extremely touching moments with Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock and Tom Joyner, among others.
  • NFL Pro Bowl: Who cares? Next subject…
  • Friday Night Lights: Yes, Friday was the season two finale and things are not looking good for a third season. America loves The Ghost Whisperer, yet Friday Night Lights is probably getting canceled. Well, we are a country that loves irony.
  • Gone Country (CMT): In this week’s episode, Bobby Brown dipped some SKOAL with Gretchen Wilson and it made him break out in a cold sweat. Later, Brown was sweating a hot sweat after getting way too drunk, pootin’ on Carnie Wilson, eating a monster cheesesteak sandwich and almost urinating on Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider. Love that Bobby Brown, y’all! Dang!
  • David Shuster: The MSNBC anchor has been suspended for saying the Clinton campaign “pimped out” daughter Chelsea by having her make calls to super delegates. Come on David, leave Chelsea out of this. Besides, there’s no pimp needed when she lives in a family of political whores.
  • The Heartbreak Kid: The Farrelly Brothers‘ latest movie is as raunchy and filthy and crude…and as hilarious as their earlier work such as Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary. Plus, Michelle Monaghan’s character and her on-screen family are from Oxford and she coaches at Ole Miss. As Ben Stiller’s character says to his buddy (Rob Corddry) on the phone, “I met some rednecks, the good kind of rednecks, you know, like Jimmy Carter…).” If that isn’t enough for you to rent the movie, it also stars Stiller’s real-life father, Jerry, which is a super bonus!
  • How To Look Good Naked (LIFETIME): It’s Queer Eye For The Low Self Esteem. Host Carson Kressley encourages women to let go of negative body images and to find their own beauty. Now, if they could only have Molly Sims host one for men…
  • Welcome To The Captain (CBS): Welcome to the traditional, tired sitcom and the hopefully soon-to-be canceled.
  • Jericho (CBS): It’s back tomorrow.
  • w000437.jpgSen. Roger Wicker: He and his wife toured the tornado-damaged areas in his old Congressional District on Sunday. He also pledged federal aid for the area.
  • Jim Henson Film: The Greenville native and Muppet creator is set to become the subject of a film based on his life. Man, I still get sad when I think about Jim Henson’s death.
  • The Grammy Awards (CBS): Yawwwwn. Oh, sorry, I fell asleep. Hey isn’t that Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard? Anyway, Kanye West and Amy Winehouse won some awards. Believe me, other than Tina Turner and Beyonce, and Daft Punk and Kanye West, no one is going to be talking about this year’s telecast at the office. What they may be talking about is the fact that Amy Winehouse had her teeth repaired (Thanks for the heads-up from our friend The Dirty Disher!) and she actually has a nice smile.
  • Clinton Campaign Shake-Up: Out is Patti Solis Doyle as campaign manager, in is longtime aide Maggie Williams. Mr. Clinton is still waiting in the wings.
  • WGA Strike: It looks like it’s almost over; here’s what writer/director/producer James Gunn said on MySpace: “…after the WGA meeting last night, the strike is basically over; we should all be back to work on Wednesday.” Let’s hope so.
  • Tupelo-Lee Humane Society Valentine’s Day Special:dixie.jpg There’s still time to buy a pet (such as Dixie) for your significant other, or to get one for your lonely self (Man, I hate Valentine’s Day). For more information, click here.
  • Daniel Lee: The local film maker’s dog needs surgery and he needs your help. Email him here for more information.
  • Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: The ol’ blog is going to get a fancy makeover in the near future, courtesy of my great friend, Amanda. Look for new features and new interviews in the days to come. This week, Paul Thorn gets a HIGH-FIVE and Daniel Lee gets ready for the Magnolia Film Festival. Stay tuned for author Frank Portman, James Gunn, Lisa Sparxxx, The Dirty Disher, Kevin Russell of KZ103 and much more. I really do you love you more than yo mama!
  • dick_rice.jpgDick Rice: There were no Dick Rice sightings this weekend. So, here’s some vintage WTVA Mornin’ Show with the late Buddy Bain and Kay.

All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


  • LOST: Dead polar bears, the Dharma Initiative, Benjamin–If you missed this week, well, you can see it again next week before the new episode. Has Locke become Jesus Christ? When will the Oceanic Six actually get off the island? Oh yeah, there was some Ghostbusting this week as well. Cause Busting makes me feel good…
  • Vice President Barbour: An Atlanta-based group thinks it’s possible. Check it out here.
  • Mitt Romney Drops Out: Because money can’t buy you everything…at least not in 2008.
  • Where In The Wold Is Bill Clinton?: Bill goes home, Hillary’s polls go up. Wherever he is, I feel certain that he is red-faced and screaming. Maybe he left because she can’t afford him anymore?
  • Snoop Dog: He’s coming to Starkville in a couple of weeks. Go to Sheena’s blozzle for more information.
  • Survivor: Micronesia: The fans beat the favorites in the first immunity challenge! Too bad Johnny Fairplay has the immunity idol. It was nice, however, to see Yau-Man and Cirie again. Who’s going home? Johnny Fairplay (Who cares?)
  • Gambino Family Round-Up: I hate to see Fat Richie and Bobby The Jew (real names) going to the joint. Thank goodness Paulie Walnuts is in the Denny’s Protection Program.
  • Jericho: It’s coming back tuesday. Repeat, Jericho is coming back Tuesday!
  • Friday Night Lights: It’s a new episode tonight. But, it’s not on the schedule for the next two weeks and things aren’t looking good for the series with the network. The only person that you are hurting by not watching this show is, well, me.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis: “And in the lighter side of the news, the wacky Space Shuttle Atlantis had a successful launch today. Now, here’s a story about Mitten the Kitten…
  • Tupelo Sign Debate “Because folks aint supposed to drive and read….Check out more from Dennis and Carlie.
  • Brandon Presley: Plans to keep an eye on the cable companies by having them under the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Let’s hope the legislation passes.
  • R.E.M.: The new album drops on April 1, but you can hear the new single (Supernatural Superserious) and see a promo for the album here. Spoiler Alert: It sounds like old R.E.M (and that rocks!)
  • Paris Hilton: She was named Woman of the Year by the Harvard Lampoon. Because sometimes not being funny is funny..right?
  • Lipstick Jungle: Candace Bushnell’s latest book-to-series is like Sex and The City without the sex and the funnies. Note: The city is still there. It’s such a mid-80s drama that Andrew McCarthy is a cast member. If you miss the days of Jay McInerney or Tama Janowitz, then, by all means, watch this show before it’s gone.
  • Shine A Light: The first review of the Martin Scorses-helmed Rolling Stones film is out. From the review:“With: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Christina Aguilera, Buddy Guy, Jack White III, Bill Clinton, Martin Scorsese.” Never mind…I think I’ll wait for the Scorsese Bob Marley Documentary.
  • Roger Clemmons: “I’m going to tell you one more time, I don’t do steroids..then, I’m kicking some ass!”
  • Pop-Rock Candy Musical Martini Lounge: It’s happy hour in the lounge! Have a cocktail with Ryan Bingham, Big Star, Cat Power, Mott The Hoople, Dr. Dog, Greg Dulli, Mancat and Moe. (The username is always: poprockcandy and the password is always pinkmoon)
  • Tupelo Junior Auxilliary Charity Ball: It’s tonight at the Bancorpsouth Arena. All the money goes to helping the youth and children of Lee County. For more information, click here.
  • High-Five: Starting Monday, we will begin a new feature at the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain. What five things are best-selling author and musician Frank Portman into these days? Find out Monday.
  • Dick Rice: There were no Dick Rice sightings today, so here’s some vintage Rice (with a cameo from Joey Langston of Scruggsgate). Have a great weekend!

All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


  • Eli Manning: The Superbowl MVP chatted it up with David Letterman last night and he did a great job. He made the transition from Ole Miss quarterback to the Prince of New York, as the audience, and Letterman, gave him a standing ovation. Letterman actually seemed awe-struck by Manning, who didn’t mumble his way through the interview.
  • Moment Of Truth (FOX): The game show where contestants are hooked up to a Lie Detector Test and are asked questions such as “Have you ever stuck your finger in the punchbowl?” and “Does this dress make me look fat?” It is truly a new low in American culture.
  • Project Runway (BRAVO): Last night the designers had to design clothes for female wrestlers. Wait, I thought female wrestlers wore pretty much spandex and thongs. OK, whew….they still do. But they look so much better with the snarkiness of Tim Gunn.
  • Gov. Haley Barbour VS Jim Hood (The State of Mississippi): And the Supreme Court say: Leonard’s Losers: Jimmy Hood. The Senate election will be held in November.
  • Paul Thorn: The Tupelo native returns to the Lyric Theater on Valentine’s Day for another intimate show. (Note to guys: You have a much better chance of nude pillow fighting with your date after a Paul Thorn show as opposed to Reba or Kelly Clarkson). Kay Bain will be debuting Paul’s new video on Saturday Morning With Kay Bain on WTVA.
  • LOST (ABC): I love Thursday nights. And in case you missed it, ABC will be reshowing the Season Four premiere tonight at seven. The only person you are hurting by not watching this show is yourself. Do you really not want to join in on the LOST talk at the snack machine at work, punk? Well, do you?
  • Smallville (CW): Yes, it’s all-new tonight, and I’m about to explode. The Black Canary makes an appearance tonight and so does Green Arrow!! Awesome!! And yes, I’m perfectly fine with being a dork and being single and crying myself to sleep at night and…
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo: If you are a fan of Paul Simon’s Graceland or world music, check out Ladysmith Black Mambazo on February 12 at the Hump at MSU.
  • Lipstick Jungle (NBC): Sex In The City Author Candace Bushnell’s “other book” debuts tonight on NBC. The pilot, goes like this: Movie Exec Wendy Healy, Editor-in-Chief Nico Reilly, and Fashion Designer Victory Ford are modern New York career women supporting each other through triumphs and tears that are all part of making it in the Big Apple. And, it stars Brooke Shields and Jack Bauer’s ex girlfriend. Some call them cougars, I call them women in their 30s and 40s.
  • Oxford Film Festival: It’s tonight through Sunday. I’m particularly interested in seeing The Business of Being Born from Executive Producer Ricki Lake.
  • Shine A Light: The Martin Scorsese-helmed Rolling Stones documentary kicked-off the 58th Berlinale Film Festival last night in Berlin. This is great news, as it means that someone has actually seen this movie and it’s not just an urban myth.
  • Survivor: Micronesia (CBS): The old-school reality show returns tonight with a new season as fans go head-to-dirty-toes with former contestants. Of course there is really only one reason to watch the show an that’s to see host Jeff Probst berate former contestant and eternal weasel, Johnny Fairplay.
  • Oprah’s Big Give Away (ABC): Oprah’s new reality show finds the daytime queen giving people money to help others with, and the winner gets a big ol’ prize. “People from across the country are challenged to help total strangers so that they can feel the high of giving. Over eight weeks, we follow their every move…” And to think, I always thought the reason to help others was to help others..
  • Dick Rice: No Dick Rice sightings to report today. But I’m still looking…

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


Finally, the last night of auditions. It’s a clip show from all of the places they have been this season, which is going to be mostly horrendous I assume.

Amy Davis: She’s a hottie. Her voice is , well, not bad. Of course she’s going to Hollywood–Simon and Randy love hot singers with mediocre voices.

Tiffany McCambell: Claims her voice is a gift from God. “Does He have a return policy?,” asked Simon.

Chris and Corey Lane: This is beyond lame. Geez. “Good lookin’ out,” said Randy. Now, their girlfriend Ashley is going to belt one. She sounds like Gannie from the Beverly Hillbillies. “It was excruciating,” Simon said. “It was torture–it was terrible.” Oh yeah, while she was singing, her twin boyfriends were talking about her behind her back to Ryan. Lame, Lame..

Cardin Lee McKinney: She’s is like big time hot, but she’s singing a showtune (A Simon no-no). “I don’t think you’re a contemporary recording artist,” said Simon. Paula and Randy send her through to Hollywood.

Joanne Borgella: She sang the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. Paula loves her. No from Simon. Paula and Randy send her through to Hollywood. “I liked her, though. She was a nice girl,” said Simon.

Alesha Stelz: She’s butchering Surrender by Celene Dion. Why doesn’t anyone sing Surrender by Cheap Trick? “It was an absolutely dreadful audition–it was painful,” said Simon. Randy thinks she sings like Dolly Parton. Simon tells her to learn a Dolly Parton song and come back. She’s going to sing Islands in the Stream, written by Mr. Barry Gibb. It’s actually not bad. Randy and Paula love the tone of her voice. Wow. She’s going to Hollywood.

Brandi Gregorie: Man, we’ve already seen this junk. She’s horrible. L-O-V-E? More like S-T-I-N-K-S.

J. Smooth: He says he has the wow-factor. I say he has the poo factor. Simon says? “That was catchy. We’ll be singing that tomorrow, won’t we?,” quipped Simon. “It was a horrible, corny over-the-top audition. I hated it.” No dice for J. Smooth.

Chikezie Eze: Boring. Yawnnnnnn. Going to Hollywood. Whatever…

Danny Noriega: Singing Proud Mary. Sigh. Thank God this is the LAST audition. Randy and Simon love his singing. On his second try, he’s going to Hollywood.

Sometimes things don’t always work out for our American Idols. Here’s an expose on 1990 winners, The Singing Senators.

All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


  • Super Tuesday: Hillary and John McCain have descent leads; Obama and Romney vow to keep fighting; Mike Huckabee comes in a strong third for the GOP…what? Some Young Republican compared McCain to Reagan on FOX News. Ahahahahahahahaha…OK, I’ve regained my composure. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Obama won big time in the Alaska caucus.
  • Eli Manning: Ole Miss’s Superbowl MVP will be on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. I heart Eli, but a great public speaker he is not. Hopefully Papa Manning hired a fancy publicist to help him squirm through his interview. Vince Vaughn will also so be on tonight’s Letterman, which rocks as well.
  • YALL Politics: The best place to keep up with Scruggsgate and other state political issues. By the way, Scruggs now has Wiki.
  • Signing Day: Will the University of South Panola’s Tig Barksdale sign with Ole Miss or has he shifted towards MSU? I just hope that someone picks up Brian “Smash” Williams or Tim Riggins. Both are excellent players for the Dillon Panthers.
  • Daily Journal Blogs:Keep up with who’s going to MSU with Greg Ellis’s excellent blog or who’s going to Ole Miss with Parish Alford’s blog. I also like Sheena’s blog, Dennis and Carlie’s Blog and Ginny’s blog. Go to for even more bloggery.
  • Strangers With Candy (Comedy Central): Ah, good old Amy Sedaris and Steven Colbert. It’s on weekdays at 11 AM (CST), which should be reason enough to buy a Tivo or DVR.
  • Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s Baby Blog: Sweet Elizabeth, the poster girl for the GOP (sorry Ann Coulter), blogs her life as a mom. And that is wayyyyyy more interesting than anything the rest of The View has to say, except Sherrie Shepherd, who is also way awesome and one of the coolest, nicest people that I have ever met Check her website out here.
  • Angela Kinsey’s Pregnancy: Forget all of the other celebrity pregnancies–this is the baby you should be talking about at the water cooler (Angela plays Angela Martin on The Office). The writer’s strike has lasted so long that she’s showing her baby bump. Should The Office return this season, will they work in her pregnancy? Will it be Dwight’s?
  • Ash Wednesday: 40 days of Lent begins now. Expect lots of people to go a few days without smoking or drinking, while Catholics begin their meatless-Fridays. For Episcopalians, like myself, there will be three services today at All Saints in Tupelo.
  • Sawyer’s Nicknames: Want a cool or degrading nickname from Sawyer? Do you want to be called Freckles like Kate? The Lost website has a Sawyer nickname generator just for dorks like me. Mine was Freebird. What’s yours?
  • Valentine’s Pets: Get a pet for your Valentine at the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society. All pets come with a bow and a card. A dog would be way cooler than that those last-minute flowers you bought last year. Click here for more information.
  • Anthony Bourdain No Reservations (Travel Channel): My favorite punk rock chef has a whole new season going on the Travel Channel. The New Orleans episode is especially poignant–Po-boys as a metaphor for survival…“Everybody here has a dead guy story,” noted a survivor.
  • Tupelo/Lee Relay For Life: The kickoff meeting is Thursday at 6 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn Walnut Room. Join survivor Kevin Russell of KZ103 and help in a very worthwhile event. As soon as I know more about the Amory/Monroe County event, I will let you know.
  • American Idol: Auditions end tonight!! Thank you God!
  • Bloodshot Records: One of my favorite Indie labels is having a $6 CD sale. Now, if only the major labels would follow suit, I might stop downloading. (Thanks to Sheena for this nugget)
  • Vanity Fair Cancels Oscar Night Party: Dang. I was just getting used to referring to Puffy as Sean John. I was going to have crab cakes with Amy Winehouse. I hope the writer’s strike ends soon.
  • Bonnaroo Festival: The lineup for the four-day Tennessee event has been announced. And no, Led Zeppelin is not playing. I think that my personal hell could be having to go to this festival and camp for four days. Wait, I could pay like two grand for VIP passes and get the good showers.
  • Riding The Storm Out With Dick Rice: It’s now 12:04 in the AM and I’m still scared to death. Now, it’s 1:50 and the sirens have stopped and the tornado warning is gone. Thanks to Dick Rice and Jonathan Burleson for excellent coverage.
  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies: The Beatles (faux) spiritual guru has gone to the Spirit in the Sky. Remember him fondly while listening to Sexy Sadie.

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    Paul Thorn Tupelo native Paul Thorn returns to town Thursday night with a show at the Lyric Theater. His new video,A Long Way From Tupelo, is currently playing on GAC and a limited edition of his album of the same name will be available at the show. For more information, go to 1. First, I have to say, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I try keep it down to one heaping bowl full a week since it's full of saturated fats and I'm a 43 year old trying to keep up the image of a front man. BUT, sometimes I'm weak and I backslide. 2. My Six Million Dollar Man Pinball machine. I finally got it fixed and have been playing it a lot. My 4 year old is learning how to play it so we get to play it together. 3. Saturday mornings, I get up and watch Kay Bain. I've been a loyal WTVA viewer for many years but I get a little upset because they've cut Kay down to just being on once a week. I love Kay Bain. You know, my coffee just tastes better with Kay Bain. 4. I've recently thrown out my old socks. I went to Wal-mart and bought a 12-pack of brand new white socks. I got them all for about eight bucks so I've been really happy about that. 5. My 14 year old daughter, Kit has become a facination. I've always been all about my daughter but now she's coming out with this Aretha Franklin style, powerful voice and I've just been amazed. I love listening to her sing.
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