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Idol Blogga The Top 24

Here we go: 50 are cut down to 24 (Thank you God!!!)


Pop-Rock Candy:Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself

1: Carly Smithson: The luck of the Irish. She probably won’t last more than three weeks when the voting starts, but she’s on to the next level.

2: David Cook? What?!

3: Amanda Overmyer: The rocker’s going on. She should make it until the top 10 begins.

4: David Archuleta: The 16 year old goes forward. He seems sweet. I’m happy for him.

5: Kristy Lee Cook: She’s in. She may make it to the top 10….maybe. She’s one of my favorites.

6: Brooke White: I like her as well, but I doubt that she goes too far. I hope I’m wrong.

7: Danny Noriega: Doubtful to go too far, but girls love him.

8: Jason Castro: I have no idea who this is

9: Luke Menard: nor this cat

10: Alexander Lushington: nor her

11: Ramiele Malubay: I don’t expect her to go too far….prove me wrong.

Drew Poppelreiter of Saltillo did not make it.

12: Michael Johns: The Aussie is going and he is one of my picks to win.

13: Syesha Mercado: She is another of my picks to win.

14: Robbie Carrico: Eh, I’m not so sure about him.

15: Garrett Haley:

16: Kady Malloy

17: Chikezie Eze: Easy Chikieze!

18: Amy Davis

19: Alaina Whitaker

20: Jason Yeager

21: Asia’H Epperson: She should make it to the Top 10..we’ll see

22: David Hernandez: I doubt that he will go very far. Simon thinks the same.

23: Colton Berry: He will probably be gone within the next five shows. (Simon wanted Kyle Ensley to go to the next round, who was sitting with Colton when the decision was handed down)

24: Cardin Lee McKinney or Joanne Borgella? The final contestant is Joanne! Awesome!

Thank God this part of American Idol is over.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain does hereby challenge Sheena’s Scene Now to an old fashioned American Idol dance off. The rules are simple: Each week, both blogs will predict who is going to get voted-off all the way down to who each blog thinks will win. Winner buys the loser a Coke.

Here’s The Raspberries:

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself


Finally, American Idol lands in Hollywood. 164 contestants to audition.

Brooke White: Singing and playing Beautiful. Absolutely wonderful. “I really liked you. I like this Carly Simon-Carole King thing you have going,” said Simon. She goes to the next round.

Lorena Pinot: “It was a bit uncomfortable to watch–it’s like when your mom gets drunk and starts dancing,” said Simon.

Amy Flynn: No in the first round (She’s the abstanance girl).
Leo Marlowe: “You just went from memorable to forgetable,” said Simon.

Alisha Dixon:”It was a bit like a little angry girl banging away on the guitar in her bedroom,” said Simon.

Michael Sanfliipo: “I don’t think the guitar did you any favors–at all. It just sounded dreadful when you strumming away on it,” Simon stated.

Alyssa Coco: I can’t hear anymore of that. I would take a big ax to that (piano),” said Simon.
Shaun Barrows: That was more a bout you bashing away on the keyboards. Don’t do that again,” said Simon.

Jake Mellema: Playing the drums and singing. “Gosh, gosh, gosh. It was a horrible, horrible song choice (Hooked on a Feeling); it was a horrible, horrible presentation–there was absolutely nothing redeeming about excpet for the fact that we stopped it early. That was a ridiculous idea,” said Simon.

David Hernandez: Singing a torch version of Love The One You’re With. It seems like cruise-ship singing to me. Simon says:“I though it was great, David–one of the best we’ve heard today.”

Yes-Go through to the end of the week. No: You get a second chance

Amanda Overmyer: Singing The Doors Light My Fire. I like her much better this week. Good song choice. “I’m glad you’re here.I think you need to learn to change your voice a little bit or it’s going to become monotonous,” said Simon.
Buck Smith forgot his lyrics, as did Cardin Lee McKinney and Natasha Blach.

Ghaleb Emachah: Singing Bryan Adams. “It sounded like a waiter picking up a guitar and murdering Bryan Adams. It was incredibly corny,” said Simon.

54 Nos on day one. They will get another shot.

Josiah Lemming: Singing what seems like British cabaret. Paula loves him, as does Randy. “Out of all of the auditions, this is the one that I’m going to remember,” said Simon. See kids, quitting school and running away from home does pay off—or does it?

Danny Noriega: What’s up with everyone singing Leo Sayer? Carly Smithson sang “When I need You” as well.

David Cook: Boring. “I wasn’t crazy about it,” said Simon. “Only my opinion. I’m going to say no.”

Kyle Ensley: The Politician. Singing some Edison Lighthouse. “It was abysmal,” Simon said and walked off stage. Of course, Ensley was the last contestant. (Simon later apologized)

The First Cut: 116 are on the block.

Amy Flynn 2: Singing Love Will Bring You Back, which was not enough to bring her back for another round.

4 of 40 have made it through. Wow!

Kristy Lee Cook/Jeffrey Lampkin Updates (Two of My Favorites): Going through!!

Angela Martin: She just lost her father–who was going to go to Hollywood with her: No dice—bless her heart.

Final Day: This is the cut makes 50, which will be cut to 24

David Archuleta: Randy loves him–“That was the bomb!” Simon and Paula liked him, too. He’s on to the competition.

Kyle Ensley 2: “That was actually really good,” said Randy. Simon liked him this time, as did Paula. He’s off.

Jeffrey Lampkin 2: Nope.

Joey Catalano: Nope.

Syesha Mercado: Singing with a sore throat–she’s wailing on Aretha. She’s on to the big show. He’s on the next round.

Carly Smithson:That was a good song (Alone by Heart),” said Simon. She’s on her way…

Asia’h Epperson: She’s amazing–brilliant. “I love that–I think you’re terrific,”said Simon. Yes, for her.

Brooke Helvie: The Beauty Queen. Simon likes her. Randy doesn’t. Paula says:no. Simon is out-voted. Wow…

Josiah Lemming: Singing Stand By Me. I think that it’s terrible. “That was not good,” said Randy. “I didn’t get that one.” He’s going to the next level.

Where is Saltillo boy?

Here is a clip of what you didn’t get to see in Hollywood:


I went to a singing by the Indie Rock group Band of Horses last night in Memphis. However, there was some bad weather (ice, etc.) in Memphis and about 40 miles South on 78; I didn’t get in until it was extremely late. So, look for some Idol chatter and Thursday Goodness sometime later in the day. (Lost, Smallville, Clinton vs. McCain, etc.)

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama! 


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Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


According to NBC Nightly News, Starbucks is considering adding a $1 cup-of-coffee to their menu to help boost sales during a slowed-economy. Awesome. Now I won’t have to take out a loan in order to enjoy a cup of overpriced designer coffee, which I love and can’t live without. Thanks Starbucks. You guys rock. Now, if only Steve Jobs and Apple would have the same chnage of heart.

Minnie Goodness


Steve “The Mortician” Holland has a MySpace!!!! Be sure and friend him and send him comments such as “Best Friends Forever” and “Mondays Stink” and glittery kittens, etc. It streams Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful and Sinatra’s My Way.

Also from the First Congressional District, Glenn McCullough has his website up, and Dr. Randy Russell will be addressing the Monroe County GOP on January 31.

Thanks to Sheena for this!

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain just hit the 500 mark. Thank you all for reading and commenting!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Kool and the Gang:


    Paul Thorn Tupelo native Paul Thorn returns to town Thursday night with a show at the Lyric Theater. His new video,A Long Way From Tupelo, is currently playing on GAC and a limited edition of his album of the same name will be available at the show. For more information, go to 1. First, I have to say, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I try keep it down to one heaping bowl full a week since it's full of saturated fats and I'm a 43 year old trying to keep up the image of a front man. BUT, sometimes I'm weak and I backslide. 2. My Six Million Dollar Man Pinball machine. I finally got it fixed and have been playing it a lot. My 4 year old is learning how to play it so we get to play it together. 3. Saturday mornings, I get up and watch Kay Bain. I've been a loyal WTVA viewer for many years but I get a little upset because they've cut Kay down to just being on once a week. I love Kay Bain. You know, my coffee just tastes better with Kay Bain. 4. I've recently thrown out my old socks. I went to Wal-mart and bought a 12-pack of brand new white socks. I got them all for about eight bucks so I've been really happy about that. 5. My 14 year old daughter, Kit has become a facination. I've always been all about my daughter but now she's coming out with this Aretha Franklin style, powerful voice and I've just been amazed. I love listening to her sing.
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