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Idol Blogga: All you need to know about tonight’s American Idol


Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Number 12 in your program book, number one in your heart

“Keep it real, boys..come on, now!” Randy “Dog” Jackson
Theme: 60s
David Hernandez, Glendale, CA: Wilson Pickett’s Midnight Hour; I thought it was terrible–like cruise ship singing. Simon says: “It was better than I thought it was going to be–you need to loosen up a bit. I loved the beginning of it.”

Chikeze, Englewood, CA: Lounge singing, not great. Randy had mixed feelings, called him an “old fashioned singer.” Simon says: “I absolutely hated the whole performance. The suit is hideous, the wink was hideous…it was all old-fashioned corny..this was so old-fashioned.”

David Cook, Springfield, MO: Singing The Turtles Happy Together: Lounge singing, I mean, it’s like a school play. Simon says: “I thought it was good–you almost made it believable.

Jason Yeager, Grand Prairie, Texas: Singing the traditional Moon River. It’s not bad, but he’s no Johnny Mathis. Simon says: “I think it was very cruise ship–the whole performance. It was very middle of the road.”

Robbie Carrico, Melbourne, FLA: Singing Three Dog Night’s One. It’s ok…he’s actually a good singer, but I think he should have chosen another song. The audience seemed to like him. It was one of Randy’s favorite Three Dog Night “joint.” Simon says: “The only current performance we’ve seen so far. I’m not sure you’re comfortable with the rock thing.”

David Archuleta, Murray, UT: He seems like a nice kid. Singing Smokey Robinson’s Shop Around. He’s good, but it’s a really high school musical version–a bit too pedestrian. “Yo, this kid is ready to go,” said Randy. Simon says: “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it…best performance of the night, by far.”

Danny Noriega, Azusa, CA: Singing Jailhouse Rock. He’s good, but this version of the Elvis classic is beyond lame. This was like bad, bad karaoke. Simon says: “I thought it was verging on grotesque. The whole performance was hideous.” Paula seems to be as drunk as a yard rat–so bad, she’s even has the hiccups.

Luke Menard, Crawfordsville, IN: Singing Harry Nillsson’s Everbody’s Talking At Me, which is one of my favorite songs. This version is, eh, not so good. Randy and Paula weren’t crazy about the performance. Simon says: “It was forgettable. No one is going to remember that as a great performance or a great vocal.”

Colton Berry, Staunton, VA: Singing Suspicious Minds, which IS my favorite song. He’s doing a good job. My favorite performance so far. Simon says: “It was OK–it wasn’t quite as bad as the other Elvis song. I got nothing from that song–it was young kid singing an Elvis song well.”

Garret Haley, Elida, OH: Singing up Neil Sedaka’s Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. He has a good voice, as this is my first time to hear him sing. It’s really not bad, but the performance is bland. Simon says: “It was boring and you look terrified and like you’ve been shut up in your room for a while.”

Jason Castro, Rockwall, Texas: Singing the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Daydream. He’s playing guitar and he sings well. Paula loved it. Simon says: “I thought it was in the top two performances of the night. You, like David, have got it. You made it sound current.”

Michael Johns, Buckhead, GA: Singing The Doors Light My Fire. He was my favorite male during the auditions. The crowd loves him. Randy loves him–“That was hot.” Paula loves him, too. Simon says: “The most consistent contestant we’ve had . You’ve just got it.”

My Top Performances: Michael Johns and Jason Castro.

Voted For: Michael Johns

Expected To Be Voted Off: Chikeze and Danny Noriega

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Everything everybody should be taking about on President’s Day, February 18, 2008


Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself

  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice: The Secretary of State’s name is making the rounds in the media as a possible VP on the McCain ticket. It would definitely make the McCain Campaign more palatable.
  • Chad Bumphis: The THS wide Receiver is being courted by several schools in the SEC. Let’s hope he stays in the Magnolia State.
  • Dixie: One of my favorite shelter dogs has found a home. Now, if we can only find one for Merlin and the rest.
  • American Idol Blue Tongues: No, it wasn’t a silent protest or proof of alien life forms– it was lollipops. Lollipops. Suckers….
  • LOST (ABC): Even with the black smoke and polar bears and Kate’s beautiful complexion after 100 days on the island, the recent Sayid episode wasn’t “real enough” for New York Magazine. Ahahahahaha…that’s like the funniest thing ever.
  • Knight Rider 2008: It seemed very exciting with Will Arnett on board as KITT. Then suddenly, Arnett was booted and replaced with Val Kilmer. But the Hasselhoff surprise made it all worthwhile.
  • Girl Scout Cookies: It’s that time of year again, so get your boxes at the Link Centre in Tupelo. Try the new Cinna-Spins, packaged in individual 100 calories-per-serving packs. Or get depressed and eat a whole box of Thin Mints for old times.
  • Simpsons (FOX): The volatile story of Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen was reinvented with Nelson and Lisa and Bart as Johnny Rotten. Plus, the Buzzcocks’ Ever Fallen In Love was used in a montage. The Buzzcocks on FOX?!
  • Gone Country: On a visit to the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Bobby Brown was deeply moved by the sick children. My niece had a lung removed at Vanderbilt in the Summer of 2007. I am so thankful to God and the staff for saving her life. If you are unfamiliar with the hospital, more information can be found at its website.
  • Jumper: The sci-fi adventure blew away its competition at the box office this weekend. Meanwhile, Definitely, Maybe did not so well.
  • Nancy Reagan: The Former First Lady was hospitalized after a fall in her LA home on Sunday. We wish her a speedy recovery.
  • Saturday Mornings With Kay Bain: This week, fiddler Willie was out sick. Tony Bain did a great version of Purple Rain, The whole band got down on When The Saints Go Marching In and the Kevin Waide Project played some Sam Cooke. And somebody is about to celebrate her 86th birthday in a small town near you.
  • B52s: The legendary Athens, GA band returns from then abyss with their new single Funplex. Ahhhh…thank God someone is making substantial pop music again. The same cane be said for Gnarls Barkley’s new single, Run, which is full of pumped-organ-60s-garage-rock goodness.
  • George A. Romero: The venerable director who uses zombies as social commentary returns this week with his new film, Diary of the Dead. A new interview with Romero can be found in Entertainment Weekly.
  • Kosovo: The nation has officially declared its independence from Serbia. Former President Clinton is said to be taking full credit for the declaration.
  • Amy Winehouse: The tormented Grammy winner is being chastised by drug addicts Keith Richards and Natalie Cole. I suppose that one can easily afford to repair their glass houses when they are rich and famous.
  • Guitar Hero Aerosmith: America’s favorite (best) rock band gets the video game treatment from Guitar Hero. Man, it seems as if the Guitar Hero franchise is really trying to convert me to their masses.
  • Oprah: It’s a comedy summit today with guests Carrol Burnett, Steve Carrell and Jim Carey. Watch to see Oprah struggle to dominate the conversations.
  • The White Stripes Conquest Ep: The maxi-single for Conquest gets help from Beck, who plays on/produces three new songs. It’s like a little slice of listening heaven.
  • Daniel Lee Update: His film, Memphis Zombie Attack: The Documentary, won an award for best short documentary this weekend at the Magnolia Film Festival. Congratulations!
  • Dick Rice: There were no Dick Rice sightings over the weekend…but today starts a new week.
  • Where Have I Heard That?: It’s our new feature. The song is The W.A.N.D, the band is the Flaming Lips–because music is more than just commercials.

Everything everybody should be taking about on Thursday, February 14, 2008


Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You Like A Biscuit Loves Butter!

  • Paul Thorn: Limited-edition copies of his new album will be on sale tonight during his show at the Lyric. Included in the CD will be a recording of his acoustic show at the Lyric in 2007. Y’all show Paul some love…Tickets were still available as of the publishing of this blog. Tickets can be purchased at the Lyric Theater.
  • Reba/Kelly Clarkson: If it’s not sold-out yet, it probably will be by show time (7:30 PM). More information can be found at BancorpSouth Arena Online.
  • Jumper/Definitely, Maybe/The Spiderwick Chronicles: If the concerts aren’t on your agenda for tonight, these three new movies opening today (well, SC opened yesterday)may make for the perfect date night. Jumper is playing at the Malco at 4:55 and 7:15. Romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe is playing at the Cinemark 8 at 4:50 and 7:30; The Spiderwick Chronicles is also playing at the Cinemark at 4:30 and 7:00. The Pop-Rock Candy Mountain best bet for Valentine’s Day Movie Night is Definitely, Maybe, which is also the name of one of my favorite albums by Oasis.
  • Fusion 205: A limited Valentine’s Day menu will be offered tonight, including Tempura Shrimp or Blackened Steak Strips appetizers, Duck Salad or Fusion Chicken Tikka and entrees such as Surf and Turf, Be Mine Orange Roughy and Lady and The Tramp Spaghetti. Reservations are required (662-842-7205). The seating is fairly limited before seven, so the best bet may be for a later dinner.
  • The Bistro on Main: Although the eatery is booked solid tonight, a three-course lobster and fondue dinner will be served. The special includes traditional gruyere cheese fondue, surf and turf fondue (fillet and lobster tail) and chocolate fondue. Diners can also feast on a seafood menage a trois, which includes salmon, scallops and shrimp. According to Fondue, “Cheese fondue was invented out of necessity. In the remote and isolated mountain villages in the Swiss Alps people had to rely upon locally made food. Over 100 varieties of cheese fondue exist, each with a unique name and different blend of cheeses, wine and seasoning.” A nifty fondue recipe can be found here.
  • Fairpark Grill/Park Heights: Although the restaurants will not be offering Valentine’s specials, a spokesperson at both locations encouraged diners going to Paul Thorn or Reba to make plans to arrive early. Fairpark Grill anticipates the dinner rush to be in full swing by 4:30 p.m.
  • Northeast Mississippi American Red Cross: The local chapter was hit hard financially after the recent tornadoes in and around Lafayette County. Please support them with your donations, including attending the benefit to be held by the Tupelo Young Professionals on February 26 at the Bistro on Main. Read more about the local chapter’s plight in an editorial in the Daily Journal.
  • Obama vs Clinton: With a growing lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barrack Obama could be coasting to a Democratic nominee victory. Of course, this is much, much much, much to the chagrin of Clinton.
  • J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie: As if Valentine’s Day wasn’t sad enough for me, the Abrams-directed Star Trek movie has been pushed back from Christmas to May 2009. Man, I wasn’t even planning on being a dork in 2009. Dang.
  • LOST (ABC): In case you were wondering what I was doing for Valentine’s Day. I mean, just in case someone asked. I like to pretend that Kate is my girlfriend and that she is going to make me a Valentine’s card out of a coconut shell.
  • Survivor: Micronesia (CBS): Yes, I will be doing this, as well.
  • Smallville (CW): I’m starting to seem pathetic….But hey, it’s new tonight!
  • SAG: Members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) have started labor talks. Awesome. Two days after the end of the WGA strike, the actors are having labor problems. Man, I wish reality stars would start having contract and labor problems.
  • Jack Johnson: His new record is bringing smiles to the record industry and, also, to people playing hackey-sack everywhere.
  • Uno: How can you not love Uno? He has made many a beagle across the nation very proud.

    Cold Hands, Warm Heart–Brendan Benson

    Crimson and Clover–Tommy James and the Shondells

    Thirteen–Big Star

    Good Vibrations–Beach Boys

    I Melt With You–Modern English

    No Matter What–Badfinger

    God Only Knows–Beach Boys

    Sara Smile–Hall and Oates

    Run to Me–Bee Gees

    Shining Star–Manhattans

    Kiss Me On The Bus–The Replacements

    You Make My Dreams Come True–Hall and Oates

    Just You and Me–Chicago


    Just Like Starting Over–John Lennon

      • Sabrina McLarty: Her documented search for true love will be featured on Pop-Rock Candy Mountain later today. Look for it!
      • Dick Rice: No Dick Rice sightings today, but from all of us (uh, me) to all of you–Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s another of my all-time favorite love songs:

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Because Life Doesn’t Write Itself


      Finally, American Idol lands in Hollywood. 164 contestants to audition.

      Brooke White: Singing and playing Beautiful. Absolutely wonderful. “I really liked you. I like this Carly Simon-Carole King thing you have going,” said Simon. She goes to the next round.

      Lorena Pinot: “It was a bit uncomfortable to watch–it’s like when your mom gets drunk and starts dancing,” said Simon.

      Amy Flynn: No in the first round (She’s the abstanance girl).
      Leo Marlowe: “You just went from memorable to forgetable,” said Simon.

      Alisha Dixon:”It was a bit like a little angry girl banging away on the guitar in her bedroom,” said Simon.

      Michael Sanfliipo: “I don’t think the guitar did you any favors–at all. It just sounded dreadful when you strumming away on it,” Simon stated.

      Alyssa Coco: I can’t hear anymore of that. I would take a big ax to that (piano),” said Simon.
      Shaun Barrows: That was more a bout you bashing away on the keyboards. Don’t do that again,” said Simon.

      Jake Mellema: Playing the drums and singing. “Gosh, gosh, gosh. It was a horrible, horrible song choice (Hooked on a Feeling); it was a horrible, horrible presentation–there was absolutely nothing redeeming about excpet for the fact that we stopped it early. That was a ridiculous idea,” said Simon.

      David Hernandez: Singing a torch version of Love The One You’re With. It seems like cruise-ship singing to me. Simon says:“I though it was great, David–one of the best we’ve heard today.”

      Yes-Go through to the end of the week. No: You get a second chance

      Amanda Overmyer: Singing The Doors Light My Fire. I like her much better this week. Good song choice. “I’m glad you’re here.I think you need to learn to change your voice a little bit or it’s going to become monotonous,” said Simon.
      Buck Smith forgot his lyrics, as did Cardin Lee McKinney and Natasha Blach.

      Ghaleb Emachah: Singing Bryan Adams. “It sounded like a waiter picking up a guitar and murdering Bryan Adams. It was incredibly corny,” said Simon.

      54 Nos on day one. They will get another shot.

      Josiah Lemming: Singing what seems like British cabaret. Paula loves him, as does Randy. “Out of all of the auditions, this is the one that I’m going to remember,” said Simon. See kids, quitting school and running away from home does pay off—or does it?

      Danny Noriega: What’s up with everyone singing Leo Sayer? Carly Smithson sang “When I need You” as well.

      David Cook: Boring. “I wasn’t crazy about it,” said Simon. “Only my opinion. I’m going to say no.”

      Kyle Ensley: The Politician. Singing some Edison Lighthouse. “It was abysmal,” Simon said and walked off stage. Of course, Ensley was the last contestant. (Simon later apologized)

      The First Cut: 116 are on the block.

      Amy Flynn 2: Singing Love Will Bring You Back, which was not enough to bring her back for another round.

      4 of 40 have made it through. Wow!

      Kristy Lee Cook/Jeffrey Lampkin Updates (Two of My Favorites): Going through!!

      Angela Martin: She just lost her father–who was going to go to Hollywood with her: No dice—bless her heart.

      Final Day: This is the cut makes 50, which will be cut to 24

      David Archuleta: Randy loves him–“That was the bomb!” Simon and Paula liked him, too. He’s on to the competition.

      Kyle Ensley 2: “That was actually really good,” said Randy. Simon liked him this time, as did Paula. He’s off.

      Jeffrey Lampkin 2: Nope.

      Joey Catalano: Nope.

      Syesha Mercado: Singing with a sore throat–she’s wailing on Aretha. She’s on to the big show. He’s on the next round.

      Carly Smithson:That was a good song (Alone by Heart),” said Simon. She’s on her way…

      Asia’h Epperson: She’s amazing–brilliant. “I love that–I think you’re terrific,”said Simon. Yes, for her.

      Brooke Helvie: The Beauty Queen. Simon likes her. Randy doesn’t. Paula says:no. Simon is out-voted. Wow…

      Josiah Lemming: Singing Stand By Me. I think that it’s terrible. “That was not good,” said Randy. “I didn’t get that one.” He’s going to the next level.

      Where is Saltillo boy?

      Here is a clip of what you didn’t get to see in Hollywood:

      All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


      • LOST: Dead polar bears, the Dharma Initiative, Benjamin–If you missed this week, well, you can see it again next week before the new episode. Has Locke become Jesus Christ? When will the Oceanic Six actually get off the island? Oh yeah, there was some Ghostbusting this week as well. Cause Busting makes me feel good…
      • Vice President Barbour: An Atlanta-based group thinks it’s possible. Check it out here.
      • Mitt Romney Drops Out: Because money can’t buy you everything…at least not in 2008.
      • Where In The Wold Is Bill Clinton?: Bill goes home, Hillary’s polls go up. Wherever he is, I feel certain that he is red-faced and screaming. Maybe he left because she can’t afford him anymore?
      • Snoop Dog: He’s coming to Starkville in a couple of weeks. Go to Sheena’s blozzle for more information.
      • Survivor: Micronesia: The fans beat the favorites in the first immunity challenge! Too bad Johnny Fairplay has the immunity idol. It was nice, however, to see Yau-Man and Cirie again. Who’s going home? Johnny Fairplay (Who cares?)
      • Gambino Family Round-Up: I hate to see Fat Richie and Bobby The Jew (real names) going to the joint. Thank goodness Paulie Walnuts is in the Denny’s Protection Program.
      • Jericho: It’s coming back tuesday. Repeat, Jericho is coming back Tuesday!
      • Friday Night Lights: It’s a new episode tonight. But, it’s not on the schedule for the next two weeks and things aren’t looking good for the series with the network. The only person that you are hurting by not watching this show is, well, me.
      • Space Shuttle Atlantis: “And in the lighter side of the news, the wacky Space Shuttle Atlantis had a successful launch today. Now, here’s a story about Mitten the Kitten…
      • Tupelo Sign Debate “Because folks aint supposed to drive and read….Check out more from Dennis and Carlie.
      • Brandon Presley: Plans to keep an eye on the cable companies by having them under the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Let’s hope the legislation passes.
      • R.E.M.: The new album drops on April 1, but you can hear the new single (Supernatural Superserious) and see a promo for the album here. Spoiler Alert: It sounds like old R.E.M (and that rocks!)
      • Paris Hilton: She was named Woman of the Year by the Harvard Lampoon. Because sometimes not being funny is funny..right?
      • Lipstick Jungle: Candace Bushnell’s latest book-to-series is like Sex and The City without the sex and the funnies. Note: The city is still there. It’s such a mid-80s drama that Andrew McCarthy is a cast member. If you miss the days of Jay McInerney or Tama Janowitz, then, by all means, watch this show before it’s gone.
      • Shine A Light: The first review of the Martin Scorses-helmed Rolling Stones film is out. From the review:“With: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Christina Aguilera, Buddy Guy, Jack White III, Bill Clinton, Martin Scorsese.” Never mind…I think I’ll wait for the Scorsese Bob Marley Documentary.
      • Roger Clemmons: “I’m going to tell you one more time, I don’t do steroids..then, I’m kicking some ass!”
      • Pop-Rock Candy Musical Martini Lounge: It’s happy hour in the lounge! Have a cocktail with Ryan Bingham, Big Star, Cat Power, Mott The Hoople, Dr. Dog, Greg Dulli, Mancat and Moe. (The username is always: poprockcandy and the password is always pinkmoon)
      • Tupelo Junior Auxilliary Charity Ball: It’s tonight at the Bancorpsouth Arena. All the money goes to helping the youth and children of Lee County. For more information, click here.
      • High-Five: Starting Monday, we will begin a new feature at the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain. What five things are best-selling author and musician Frank Portman into these days? Find out Monday.
      • Dick Rice: There were no Dick Rice sightings today, so here’s some vintage Rice (with a cameo from Joey Langston of Scruggsgate). Have a great weekend!

      From Atlanta, where Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia were discovered.

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo’ Mama:


      Here’s what I liked:

      Asia’h Epperson: She was absolutely adorable and she was very brave–she auditioned two days after her father died. I couldn’t even tie my shoes two days after my dad died. She made me cry and she caused Paula to have a full-on meltdown, and most importantly, she’s going to Hollywood.

      Brooke Helvie: “She was possibly the most annoying person I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Simon. “I actually wanted her to sing badly.” But alas, she sang well and she’s going to Hollywood.

      Amanda Overmyer: Randy dubbed her the “Rock N Roll Nurse,” as she is a nurse and she looks (and sounds) like a rocker. I thought that she was terrible, but I’m not a judge and she’s going to Hollywood. She was also shown riding her “hog” without a helmet. Shame, shame….. (Click here for her photo/bio)

      Josiah Leming: He sang an original with an emo-style fake British accent, but they liked him. Oh yeah, he also quit school and lives in his car (he says he’s “not homeless”). See kids, quitting school is good. You, too, could be living in your car.

      And what I hated:

      Nathan Hite: He was absolutely terrible and he tried to be funny by spewing (not so) witty quips at Simon. Simon called his audition a “bedroom audition–like singing along with a record in your bedroom,” which produced more (not so) witty quips. The kid was only 16, so I feel certain that he has a bright future playing World of Warcraft online or possibly becoming a serial killer. Good luck, kid. Shazbot!

      20 folks from Atlanta are going to Hollywood (Wednesday is the FINAL night of auditions!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!)

      And now, here’s 1988’s American Idol, Carlton Banks:

      All the chit-chat you need for the office or when talking to a carny

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


      • Happy Mardi Gras: Yes, it’s Fat Tuesday, which sounds way cooler than Super Tuesday. Remember, Lent starts at Midnight, which means I get to tackle my New Year’s Resolutions one more time. And hopefully, I will not be have to show my man-boobs in order to get beads.
      • Super Tuesday: Setting the tone for a a really depressing Ash Wednesday. Pundits have all but given the sticks to Hillary Clinton and John McCain, or as I like to call them, Liberal and Liberaler.
      • Dick Rice: I have been to Burger King in Tupelo four times in a year and I have seen WTVA Meteorologist (Weather Man as we call him in Amory) each time. It seems that last night he drew the shortest straw and was sent to pick up dinner for everyone at the station. With my friend Brian Owings long since retired from WCBI, this makes Dick Rice and Dave Brown THE rockstar Weather Men in North Mississippi. Let’s hope that WTVA keeps Rice until he chooses to leave, unlike what happened to Mr. Brian and my dear friend , the late Dennis Hudson, at WCBI. Perhaps we will exchange pleasantries with one another next time instead of giving each other the “stank eye” or “the facial bird”…..
      • Stephen King Duma Key: Finally, I’m excited about a Stephen King book again, and it takes place in the Gulf.
      • Arrested Development: According to series star Jeffrey Tambor, the Bluth family is headed to the big screen. Yes! A TV-show movie that I’m actually excited about. The upcoming Speed Racer movie? Eh, not so much…
      • Judge Mike Mills: My former Aberdeen neighbor tries to stop the Dickie Scruggs shenanigans by insisting that he face his deposition in State Farm VS Miss. Attorney General Jimmy Hood. Mike’s a noted blues fan, also.
      • bobby-knight.jpgBobby Knight Resigns From Texas: Remember when we were entertained with Coach Knight’s yelling and screaming and cursing? Wait–that was John McEnroe and Whitney Houston. Yeah, it’s probably time for Knight to call it a day.
      • Gone Country (CMT): Bobyy Brown, Carnie Wilson, Sisquo and others try their luck in the country arena under the watchful eye of the Nashville Mafia. Bobby Brown was passed-out drunk by the second episode and Maureen McCormick was smoking and drinking in another desperate attempt to shed her image as Marcia Brady.
      • Across The Universe: The Beatles-themed musical drops on DVD today. For a list of other titles being released today, go here.
      • Tupelo-Lee Humane Society: Dixie, Ashley, Dottie and the gang are looking for new homes. Check them out here.
      • Fats Domino: He’s my favorite New Orleans musician. He’s also a Katrina survivor and a National Treasure. In honor of Mardi Gras, here’s Fats! Le Bon Temps Roule!

      All You Need To Know For Smalltalk At The Office Or With A Carny

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


      • New York Giants win the Superbowl: “Attention ladies and gentlemen, this is the Devil. We will be having a winter coat blow-out sale today. Sorry about the ice…”
      • Superbowl MVP Eli Manning: Makes me want to go to the Rib Cage in Oxford and carve “Eli wuz here” in the bathroom.
      • Superbowl Commercials: I loved the Coke commercial featuring Jimmy Carville and Bill Frist, especially since I play Jinx every chance I get. The pairing of Carville and Frist was awesome, although it would have been cooler with Trent Lott…and Frist, since Frist so eloquently stabbed Lott in the back during December of 2003.
      • Super Tuesday: It means Depressing Wednesday can’t be far behind.
      • Friday Night Lights: If you missed it, you missed a great Tyra-Landry storyline and an appearance by Smash’s Mama, which is always a good thing. Come on now—you really should be watching this show.
      • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: It’s all new tonight, and it’s completely Arnold/McCain-free.
      • Proposed National Budget: It’s only $3 trillion. A gazillion is still a few years away.
      • Dinner For Five: Actor-director John Favreau’s dinner plate talk show is airing it’s final episode on IFC. See it, with guests Vince Vaughn and Justin Long, before it’s too late.
      • Weekend Box Office: Hannah Montana reigns supreme at almost $30 million, while newbies Over My Dead Body and Strange Wilderness don’t even make it into the Top 10.
      • Lenny Kravitz It Is Time For A Love Revolution: It’s like KISS and Aerosmith and James Brown and Traffic and disco-era Stones all rolled-up into one great sounding classic-rock romp with lyrics straight out of the Rhyme Dictionary and Dr. Seuss, which is not such a good thing.
      • Mississippi House Bill 282: Aka The Fat Bill. It calls for restaurants not to serve people deemed obese. Is this really the way to fight obesity in the state? Really?!
      • The Millionaire Matchmaker: On BRAVO’s latest reality show, a self-proclaimed matchmaker finds gold diggers for single millionaires, because we all know how tough it is to be single and wealthy. You should try being single and in your mid-30s in Amory, MS—now that’s tough!
      • The Whitest Kids U Know: Although genuinely good sketch comedy may be a dying art form on Saturday Night Live, IFC’s The Whitest Kids U Know is some of the most innovative, brilliant comedy skits I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s like Kids In The Hall with even more attitude.
      • The Fifth Annual Oxford Film Festival: February 7-10. Go here for more information.
      • The Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon Fight: Talk show host Kimmel’s most dropped guest may have had a meltdown on air, but Damon gets the last laugh. This is almost as great a feud as the Andy Kauffman/Jerry “The King” Lawler battles of yore.
      • Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Good Job: Weird Al is Uncle Muscles. What more do you need to know?
      • The Writer’s Strike: Friday was a good day. Read about it here.
      • Dickie Scruggs Deposition: According to Allan Lange at YALL Politics, Scruggs is to be deposed in State Farm VS Jim Hood some time today.
      • bannerphp.jpg

      It’s Friday, and it’s time to enjoy happy hour in the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Musical Martini Lounge! (Username: poprockcandy Password: pinkmoon)

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


      • Lost: Season Four starts with a Hurley story, which are always awesome. However, it’s a flash-forward, not a flashback. Say What?!
      • Eli Stone: Is he crazy or is he a prophet? It was so bad, even with George Michael, that I doubt I will be sticking around to find out . There was an Oceanic Air “commercial,” but you can see it online here.
      • Cloverfield: It’s getting a sequel and Cloverfield may be part of the Dharma Initiative on Lost.
      • Smallville: Marc McClure, Jimmy Olsen from the Christopher Reeves Superman series, kept the Superman Universe going with an appearance as Dax-Ur.
      • Friday Night Lights: Yep. It’s all new again tonight.
      • There Will Be Blood: Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic finally opens in Tupelo this weekend at the Malco.
      • Superbowl XLII: Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots finish with a perfect season or will Eli Manning and the New York Giants triumph? Man, I hate when two of my favorite teams play against each other. I just hope there’s a new Where’s the Beef commercial.
      • Amazon’s Kindle Reader: A wireless reader that downloads books. It costs $400—man, do you get the Kindle or a 160GB iPod? Decisions, decisions. Read what Stephen King (thanks, Sheena!) thinks about the reader here.
      • The Writer’s Strike: Is it almost over?
      • Tupelo Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball: Friday, Feb. 8 at the Bancorpsouth Center. Makes plans to attend because all of the money raised is used in the area. For more information, go to WTVA’s Community Events.
      • Reba and Kelly Clarkson: Don’t miss their Valentine’s Day appearance in Tupelo. Get your tickets now before it’s too late.
      • I’m LA Mike and I play it cool….Have a Great Weekend!

      Again, I apologize for the tardiness, but here it goes. As always, there are some pretty strong drinks being served in the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Musical Martini Lounge (Username: poprockcandymontain Password: pinkmoon), so be sure and order a cocktail.

      Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


      • Band Of Horses: I attend their singing at the Hi-Tone in Memphis last night. If you like melodic, pretty and loud, then you will love Band Of Horses—plus they did an amazing cover of Chicago’s Feeling Stronger. Check them out here.
      • Lost: It’s back! First up, an hour-long recap of Season Three. Then, the season premiere on ABC. It’s the Islanders vs. The Others! Or in classical terms, it’s man versus man versus nature versus “What in the hell is going on here?”. For a great recap of the Season Three finale, go here.
      • The GOP California Debate: Once again, Mitt Romney emits cool confidence. However, the media seems to have decided it will be Clinton vs McCain, which is lose-lose for everyone. John McCain?! Really?!
      • Smallville: New episode tonight on the CW at seven. James Marsters, formally known as Spike on Buffy, returns as Braniac. My inner-geek says whoo-hoo!
      • Writer’s Strike: Rumor has it that it could be ending soon. As long as we get new episodes of The Office.
      • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Wow! Pow! Bam! Hear Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done For Me Lately like it was recorded in 1965 by a Memphis house band.
      • SAD: Yep, got that seasonal affective disorder something bad this year. I like to call it the Gray Skies Blues.
      • The Carpenters: I love AM Radio music more than just about anything and nothing makes me smile and keeps the SAD in check like The Carpenters.
      • American Idol (Wednesday): Although I missed it for reasons already explained, my sister told me that all I really missed was what she referred to as a “Singing Skunk.”
      • Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Readers: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the Blog over the 1,000 readers mark. It truly means a great deal to me. Thank you for letting me be me. I do love you more than yo mama. And with that in mind, here’s Sly and the Family Stone:


        Paul Thorn Tupelo native Paul Thorn returns to town Thursday night with a show at the Lyric Theater. His new video,A Long Way From Tupelo, is currently playing on GAC and a limited edition of his album of the same name will be available at the show. For more information, go to 1. First, I have to say, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I try keep it down to one heaping bowl full a week since it's full of saturated fats and I'm a 43 year old trying to keep up the image of a front man. BUT, sometimes I'm weak and I backslide. 2. My Six Million Dollar Man Pinball machine. I finally got it fixed and have been playing it a lot. My 4 year old is learning how to play it so we get to play it together. 3. Saturday mornings, I get up and watch Kay Bain. I've been a loyal WTVA viewer for many years but I get a little upset because they've cut Kay down to just being on once a week. I love Kay Bain. You know, my coffee just tastes better with Kay Bain. 4. I've recently thrown out my old socks. I went to Wal-mart and bought a 12-pack of brand new white socks. I got them all for about eight bucks so I've been really happy about that. 5. My 14 year old daughter, Kit has become a facination. I've always been all about my daughter but now she's coming out with this Aretha Franklin style, powerful voice and I've just been amazed. I love listening to her sing.
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