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Idol Blogga: All you need to know about tonight’s American Idol


Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: Number 12 in your program book, number one in your heart

“Keep it real, boys..come on, now!” Randy “Dog” Jackson
Theme: 60s
David Hernandez, Glendale, CA: Wilson Pickett’s Midnight Hour; I thought it was terrible–like cruise ship singing. Simon says: “It was better than I thought it was going to be–you need to loosen up a bit. I loved the beginning of it.”

Chikeze, Englewood, CA: Lounge singing, not great. Randy had mixed feelings, called him an “old fashioned singer.” Simon says: “I absolutely hated the whole performance. The suit is hideous, the wink was hideous…it was all old-fashioned corny..this was so old-fashioned.”

David Cook, Springfield, MO: Singing The Turtles Happy Together: Lounge singing, I mean, it’s like a school play. Simon says: “I thought it was good–you almost made it believable.

Jason Yeager, Grand Prairie, Texas: Singing the traditional Moon River. It’s not bad, but he’s no Johnny Mathis. Simon says: “I think it was very cruise ship–the whole performance. It was very middle of the road.”

Robbie Carrico, Melbourne, FLA: Singing Three Dog Night’s One. It’s ok…he’s actually a good singer, but I think he should have chosen another song. The audience seemed to like him. It was one of Randy’s favorite Three Dog Night “joint.” Simon says: “The only current performance we’ve seen so far. I’m not sure you’re comfortable with the rock thing.”

David Archuleta, Murray, UT: He seems like a nice kid. Singing Smokey Robinson’s Shop Around. He’s good, but it’s a really high school musical version–a bit too pedestrian. “Yo, this kid is ready to go,” said Randy. Simon says: “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it…best performance of the night, by far.”

Danny Noriega, Azusa, CA: Singing Jailhouse Rock. He’s good, but this version of the Elvis classic is beyond lame. This was like bad, bad karaoke. Simon says: “I thought it was verging on grotesque. The whole performance was hideous.” Paula seems to be as drunk as a yard rat–so bad, she’s even has the hiccups.

Luke Menard, Crawfordsville, IN: Singing Harry Nillsson’s Everbody’s Talking At Me, which is one of my favorite songs. This version is, eh, not so good. Randy and Paula weren’t crazy about the performance. Simon says: “It was forgettable. No one is going to remember that as a great performance or a great vocal.”

Colton Berry, Staunton, VA: Singing Suspicious Minds, which IS my favorite song. He’s doing a good job. My favorite performance so far. Simon says: “It was OK–it wasn’t quite as bad as the other Elvis song. I got nothing from that song–it was young kid singing an Elvis song well.”

Garret Haley, Elida, OH: Singing up Neil Sedaka’s Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. He has a good voice, as this is my first time to hear him sing. It’s really not bad, but the performance is bland. Simon says: “It was boring and you look terrified and like you’ve been shut up in your room for a while.”

Jason Castro, Rockwall, Texas: Singing the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Daydream. He’s playing guitar and he sings well. Paula loved it. Simon says: “I thought it was in the top two performances of the night. You, like David, have got it. You made it sound current.”

Michael Johns, Buckhead, GA: Singing The Doors Light My Fire. He was my favorite male during the auditions. The crowd loves him. Randy loves him–“That was hot.” Paula loves him, too. Simon says: “The most consistent contestant we’ve had . You’ve just got it.”

My Top Performances: Michael Johns and Jason Castro.

Voted For: Michael Johns

Expected To Be Voted Off: Chikeze and Danny Noriega

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Download tonight’s performances at iTunes


Again, I apologize for the tardiness, but here it goes. As always, there are some pretty strong drinks being served in the Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Musical Martini Lounge (Username: poprockcandymontain Password: pinkmoon), so be sure and order a cocktail.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


  • Band Of Horses: I attend their singing at the Hi-Tone in Memphis last night. If you like melodic, pretty and loud, then you will love Band Of Horses—plus they did an amazing cover of Chicago’s Feeling Stronger. Check them out here.
  • Lost: It’s back! First up, an hour-long recap of Season Three. Then, the season premiere on ABC. It’s the Islanders vs. The Others! Or in classical terms, it’s man versus man versus nature versus “What in the hell is going on here?”. For a great recap of the Season Three finale, go here.
  • The GOP California Debate: Once again, Mitt Romney emits cool confidence. However, the media seems to have decided it will be Clinton vs McCain, which is lose-lose for everyone. John McCain?! Really?!
  • Smallville: New episode tonight on the CW at seven. James Marsters, formally known as Spike on Buffy, returns as Braniac. My inner-geek says whoo-hoo!
  • Writer’s Strike: Rumor has it that it could be ending soon. As long as we get new episodes of The Office.
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Wow! Pow! Bam! Hear Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done For Me Lately like it was recorded in 1965 by a Memphis house band.
  • SAD: Yep, got that seasonal affective disorder something bad this year. I like to call it the Gray Skies Blues.
  • The Carpenters: I love AM Radio music more than just about anything and nothing makes me smile and keeps the SAD in check like The Carpenters.
  • American Idol (Wednesday): Although I missed it for reasons already explained, my sister told me that all I really missed was what she referred to as a “Singing Skunk.”
  • Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Readers: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the Blog over the 1,000 readers mark. It truly means a great deal to me. Thank you for letting me be me. I do love you more than yo mama. And with that in mind, here’s Sly and the Family Stone:


The Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Musical Martini Lounge is now up and going. To access the site, you need the following: Username: poprockcandy and Password: pinkmoon. Then, click on the My Site icon and theMP3 player should appear. Click Playlist for the complete listings. It’s not perfect, but it does allow me to share some music with my readers.

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama

  • SAG Awards: Ah, Sopranos, The Office and 30 Rock come out winners. Glad to see the Sopranos go out in style, especially with that terrible series-ending . See all of the winners here.
  • Friday Night Lights: Poor Tim Riggins–he can’t seem to get a break. However, this week’s episode saw Landry and Tyra return to the story arch, which is always a good thing.
  • Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend: The most downloaded song of 2007 (7.3 million times). But no one, including 14 year old girls, will admit to purchasing the tune.
  • Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: Don’t watch it for the train wrecks; watch it for the hope that Dr. Drew Pinski gives to shattered lives.
  • Saturday Morning With Kay Bain: Kay sang the song Cowboy’s Sweetheart, which included yodeling. “You try yodeling at six in the morning,” she said. “It’s not easy.” Maybe I’ll start singing some Slim Whitman while I’m taking a shower…
  • Kellie Rasberry: Like everyone else in the area, I listen to Kidd Kraddick in theMorning on KZ103. Although I once hated morning radio shows, but Kellie makes it all worthwhile.
  • Obama wins in South Carolina: And Hillary starts crying and Bill starts screaming. Bill, Bill, Bill. Comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson? Not a smart move. Now, please quit screaming at us and acting like you’re the President and just go away.
  • Weekend Winter Weather: At least it’s gone. Again, WTVA’s weather coverage blows out the competition.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: See what all the hype is about as FOX reruns the pilot tonight.
  • Spartans and Rambo have poor weekend openings: And my faith in mankind is briefly restored (Pssst: Spartans actually beat Rambo)
  • Tupelo-Lee Humane Society’s Second Annual Arts for Animals: Help them build their new building by participating on Thursday, April 10. For more information, call 662-840-5042.
  • New on me iPod: Sia Some People Have Real Problems; Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend; North Mississippi Allstars Hernando and Tommy James and the Shondells Crimson and Clover. Hear tracks from them in the Musical Martini Lounge.
  • The State of the Union: The Bush and Cheney days roll into the final year. Come to see if the candidates show up. Stay for the Democratic response…..yawn.
  • Radiohead: With this week’s Rolling Stone Cover and an announced tour, rock’s favorite isolationists are acting like a regular rock band again.

The Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Musical Companion is now up at

The username is poprockcandy

The password is pinkmoon

After entering the info, click on My Site (at the top). The MP3 player will appear. You can hit playlist to see all of the songs or to download them.

I’m in a Beta phase with this. It’s not quite what I want, but we’ll see how it goes.

Power-Pop Playlist 1:

Fancey: Starbrite

A.C. Newman: Wonder Drug

Coconut Records: West Coast

Brendan Benson: Cold Hands (Warm Heart) 

Pop-Rock Candy Mountain: I Love You More Than Yo Mama!


    Paul Thorn Tupelo native Paul Thorn returns to town Thursday night with a show at the Lyric Theater. His new video,A Long Way From Tupelo, is currently playing on GAC and a limited edition of his album of the same name will be available at the show. For more information, go to 1. First, I have to say, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I try keep it down to one heaping bowl full a week since it's full of saturated fats and I'm a 43 year old trying to keep up the image of a front man. BUT, sometimes I'm weak and I backslide. 2. My Six Million Dollar Man Pinball machine. I finally got it fixed and have been playing it a lot. My 4 year old is learning how to play it so we get to play it together. 3. Saturday mornings, I get up and watch Kay Bain. I've been a loyal WTVA viewer for many years but I get a little upset because they've cut Kay down to just being on once a week. I love Kay Bain. You know, my coffee just tastes better with Kay Bain. 4. I've recently thrown out my old socks. I went to Wal-mart and bought a 12-pack of brand new white socks. I got them all for about eight bucks so I've been really happy about that. 5. My 14 year old daughter, Kit has become a facination. I've always been all about my daughter but now she's coming out with this Aretha Franklin style, powerful voice and I've just been amazed. I love listening to her sing.
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