The Search For Lloyd: A Love Story

aalloyd.jpg Unconditional true love has been the subject of countless novels, poems, songs and films. For the romantic, it is the catalyst for life itself, the search for the perfect other, traditionally known as the soul-mate. But does this concept actually exist in modern society, or is it a fabricated Hollywood theme that is more fantasy or fiction? This a question that first-time film maker Sabrina McLarty hopes to answer in her film, The Search For Lloyd.

The Search For Lloyd refers to Lloyd Dobler, the fictional character made famous by John Cusack in director Cameron Crowe’s 1989 film, Say Anything, which Entertainment Weekly named the “greatest modern romance movie” in 2002.

The Search for Lloyd is a documentary about trying to find Lloyd Dobler, the perfect male specimen that was characterized in the film Say Anything by John Cusack,” said McLarty. “And it’s not really just based upon women looking for “Lloyds,” it’s about the search for ‘movie’ love or ‘fairy tale’ love. It almost feels these days that real, unconditional love doesn’t exist anymore. I love Say Anything’s story and when I talk to other people about it, they say the same thing –‘Where can I find a Lloyd?’ He’s a very sweet and genuine guy. He opens doors, listens, checks up on you and not to mention the stereo thing. Guys don’t seem to go to great lengths anymore to obtain a woman and/or keep a woman–neither do women for that matter.”

The 22 year old Saltillo resident was so inspired by Crowe’s film that she and two friends,Traci Tanner and Claire Gentry, also of Saltillo, decided to document their quest for the proof of true love.

“Claire and Traci will be the ones going on dates and such for the film, reporting and all that. Considering I am married, I can’t very well do the dating thing,” noted McLarty.

“We want to get a lot of people’s views and experiences with relationships and try to find out why these wonderful relationships stopped or did they every really exist in the first place,” McLarty stated. ” Divorce rates are so high these days and people don’t stay happy with their mates anymore. We want to know why? Is it because there are no Lloyd’s or Andie’s (Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty In Pink, McLarty’s favorite John Hughes film) out there for us? That’s what we are trying to find out. I really want to show people that love can be like it is in the movies–but no one wants to try anymore. I don’t know very many people that are happy with their love lives, because they have so many other distractions.”


McLarty plans to start the interviewing process for the film in the near future and is already looking towards its completion.

“I would really like to have it finished by fall to enter into film festivals. Dr. Daniel (Lee) has given me the film festival fever and I would like to have a try at it myself,” she said. McLarty starred in Lee’s 2007 salute to 1950s B-movies, Ocho: Arachnid From Hell. She will also be starring in the sequel, It Came From Beyond Beyond, which begins filming soon.

Anyone wishing to contact McLarty to be a part of The Search For Lloyd process, can do so at her MySpace page.

Sabrina McLarty joins the Mile-High-Five-Club:

1. The Search for Lloyd – I’m very into this project trying to get all my interviews and so forth lined u so I can get to the actual filming.
2. Doctor Who – I don’t have television I usually just watch movies all the time, but my sister has been bringing me discs with the new seasons on it. I absolutely love Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who. That would be another guy for me.. Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who, why can’t he be real?

3. Maroon 5 – This band is a good bit out of my norm for music, but for some odd reason, I absolutely love them. It does help that Adam Levine is an amazingly sexual singer and he’s gorgeous.
4. It Came from Beyond Beyond – Dr. Daniel’s next project, which is the “sequel” to Ocho Arachnid from Hell. We are about to start filming soon and I’m very very excited about it. I believe it will be even better than Ocho and I love acting.. not that you could call my “acting” real acting, but I thoroughly enjoy it anyway.
5. Across the Universe – I actually just saw this movie Tuesday (Feb. 5th) when it came out on DVD, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. Musicals are one of my favorite things in the world and this one is marvelous. I recommend it to all.

Photo: (Left to right: Traci Tanner, McLarty, Claire Gentry) Courtesy: Sabrina McLarty

For more Information: Say Anything; The Search For Lloyd


  1. this movie sounds so awesome — wish i could go!

    and another daniel lee movie! woo-hoo!

  2. McLarty is my sister. This project is awesome!!

  3. Anna

    Wow! This movie sounds awesome! The Search for the perfect man… good luck ladies!

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